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One determined squirrel

One determined squirrel

One determined squirrel – wanting to be a bird ?Why? Because the bird seed is so tempting. And he succeeded in emptying the container.

There’s a message there –

When you are enduring pain & it’s such a struggle – it feels hard & the moment and time seems huge yet it is still your journey-

When moving towards pleasure it seems more exciting – time goes fast and it is still your journey only now it’s like an adventure. Going to a concert – falling in love – being on holiday.

When something is pleasurable we are more likely to explore – to unravel the puzzle – & then we learn.

Like the squirrel, make your learning fun – lift your life to the next level because your life can be exciting too – go enjoy the journey. Only now yell at the concert – enjoy the myriad views – fall in love – because you are visiting YOU!

How do you do that – do something totally challenging- go on … Have an adventure!!!

Now if you’re really adventurous you will want to visit the real you – to find the magic that is within you – untapped potential.

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